Environmental, Health and Safety

TVIG policy is to place the health, safety, and protection of the environment of personnel and property above other concerns, and to establish a "ZERO Incident / Injury Culture" for all aspects of TVIG's business. TVIG seeks to enlist the help and involvement of the Owner, the property owners, and all employees, subcontractors, and suppliers to ensure that work is planned and performed safely; that work areas are free from recognized hazards; and that, as a minimum, work is carried out in compliance with applicable safety laws and additional contractual requirements.

Environmental / Safety Policies, Programs, and Requirements

The objective of the TVIG Environmental / Safety Management Program, and specifically the Policies, Programs, and Requirements contained within the Safety Environmental / Management Program, is to provide working conditions that are free of recognized safety hazards through comprehensive planning, education, and training of employees and subcontractors with a specific emphasis on:

  1. Pre-Task Hazard Analysis / Planning
  2. Hazard Recognition
  3. Hazard Abatement
  4. Joint Development and Implementation of Safe Work Practices (Safety Task Protocols)
  5. Effective and Timely Response to On-Site Emergencies

TVIG Environmental / Safety Management Program

  • Volume 1 - Environmental / Safety Policies, Programs and Requirements contains TVIG policies, programs and OSHA compliant safety requirements common to all work, corporate and project related.
  • Volume 2 - Site Specific Hazard Analysis and Emergency Planning Information contains guidelines and/or requirements for creating site-specific information including; site specific hazard information, site specific control measures, and emergency response procedures including spill prevention / response as well as other required environmental control measures.
  • Volume 3 - Safety Management Systems describes the Safety Management System which, as with Volume 1, is common to all projects. It defines how the policies, programs, and OSHA compliant safety requirements defined in Volumes 1 and 2 are managed.

Environmental / Safety Management Team

A cornerstone to the design of TVIG's Environmental / Safety Management Program is the belief that "Safety is everyone's responsibility" and requires all employees, line management, and safety staff working together to create and sustain a safe work environment. In accordance with the above stated belief, TVIG's Safety Management Program places ultimate accountability for implementation of environmental / safety policies, programs and requirements on Line Managers assigned to direct and/or manage daily construction activities. TVIG recognizes that in order to create a "Zero Incident / Injury Culture" you must have alignment on not just the objective, but also on the means and methods that will be utilized to achieve the objective. As such onsite Subcontractors will be required to align their safety policies, programs and requirements to achieve the objectives of TVIG's Environmental / Safety Management Program. This requirement includes but is not limited to assignment of project safety staff, safety training, audits, inspections, observations, safety committees, safety reporting and documentation, and emergency planning and response.

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