Crossing Trails, Texas

TVIG, along with their JV partner, IBT Group, built a 105 MW wind farm project in Seibert, Colorado for one of the premier developers in North America consisting of 25 Vestas V136 and V150 turbines. The project was started in March 2020 and is currently Substantially Complete. 

Final Completion, seeding and reclamation are the final remaining work scope items. Among the significant challenges were the six-week delay in turbine deliveries due to the worldwide Covid impact which pushed Substantial Completion into the beginnings of winter on this Colorado plains project site. 

Due to tight safety management, the Project was completed with no significant Covid related personnel impacts as TVIG, subcontractors and the client worked cooperatively in safety and schedule management. Final Completion is dependent upon 70% of seeding growth on reclaimed areas which is not expected to be achieved until mid/late July 2021. 

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