Steel Winds II Wind Farm – Buffalo, NY

In 2011 TVIG was general contractor for First Wind’s 15 MW project on the Lackawanna, New York former steel mill. This second-phase expansion project installed eight additional Clipper Liberty 2.5 MW Wind Turbine Generators to the original set of eight.

TVIG’s scope of work included all design/build of the project, including civil, structural and electrical design, site grading and roads, foundations, substation modernization, underground and overhead electrical collection system, closed-circuit television system and WTG transportation and erection. Construction on this brownfield site, which consisted of non-native (steel slag) soil conditions required a special procedure for foundation deep dynamic compaction, as well as special RCRA environmental compliance procedures. The electrical work included modernizing a 1960's era substation with 21st century protection and control technology. 

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