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Steel Winds I Wind Farm– Buffalo, NY

Project Owner - BQ Energy / UPC (First Wind)

WTG Model - Clipper Liberty 2.5 MW Wind Turbine Generators

Total MW - 20 MW

Interconnect Utility / Voltage - NiMo / National Grid, 115 kV

Challenges / Unique aspects - First commercial installation of the Clipper Liberty 2.5MW machine; built on slag deposits of a former steel mill, the site is classified as a Superfund site by the EPA and required deep dynamic compaction to overcome the unique geotechnical challenges associated with the man-made fill.

TVIG acted as the BOP general contractor responsible for all aspects of project design and construction, including upgrades to a 1960s era distribution substation to accommodate the wind energy generation. Steel Winds received the 2007 Renewable Project of the Year.
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